College Connection

You're a busy college student, and you need an account that's always there when you need it but never gets in your way. You've got better things to think about than lame-o fees, but you still have to make every dollar last. With CINCO's College Connection, you're connected, tuned in, and in charge of your money.

Student Loans

Need a hand with college costs? Whatever you aspire to be, CINCO doesn't want anything to stand in your way - especially money. Student loans have very low interest rates and are a smart way to finance a college education.


College Card

It seems like you need plastic just to get by these days. That's why CINCO is offering PayCard, a real Visa card you can recharge as many times as you like. It's a lot safer than cash, and you can use it just about anywhere - get cash at an ATM, get groceries, gas, or whatever you need. You can keep track of your card balance online, too.



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